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Our sorority also participates in a number of on and off campus social events including Greek Week, Philanthropy Week, winter and spring formals, date parties, and socials with other fraternities and sororities.

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Delta Zeta is not just any sorority; it is a sisterhood, a bond of friendship that will last forever. There is always someone to talk to, laugh with, and even cry with, we are all compassionate people, and will do anything to lend a hand to someone. Delta Zeta helps the change away from home by being a group of loving and caring individuals.

Aug 27, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , trt-gold-star-award-winner , read-by-other-reviewers. Roni wants to leave the society world behind. Jenna wants to put the "Sick Jenna" image behind her forever. Together, they brave the introductions to the different houses and share their dreams and disappointments.

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Each has her own reason for rushing, for looking at different houses. As the week continues and they become closer, they must ask themselves a key question. Now that they've met - do they really want to part? Will they be accepted into the houses of their dreams, or will their college social life be forever ruined? I loved this book and can't wait to read the next one.

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It stands out in my mind for two reasons: because it's targeting older teens and also because the main characters are normal girls. Jan 23, Jess rated it liked it. I have a soft spot for teen lit, especially those books dealing with Greek life. I chose this book to see how it portrayed sorority recruitment and was pleased with the way the authors depicted the characters' experiences. With so much sensationalism about sororities, I'm pleased Harmon and Gibson gave readers a glimpse into how recruitment is structured on larger campuses.

I'm interested to see how they deal with the new member period in the next book s. Harmon, Kate Sorority Zeta or Omega? Each one didn't know that they would soon be best friends. They start going to sorority meetings to find out which one they liked best of all. Scared that they may be rejected, they figure out that it was also the thrill of their lives. This book was very cute! I loved how it made you wonder what was going to happen next.

It makes you want to be excited for college life. Student Reviewer: CW Jun 09, Steph Reviewer X rated it really liked it Recommends it for: People who like feel-good light reads. Shelves: blog-already-read. Let's go for a trip on my thoughts at different stages of the book: Beginning: I wasn't impressed. The story seemed generic, and even though I eagerly hoping for something heartwarming and cute so much that my disposition to like this book was that much higher, nothing really grabbed me.

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The reader is immediately thrown into the heart of three perspectives in third person limited, which can get confusing at first when you're trying to build each girl's identity in your mind. The three girls are Let's go for a trip on my thoughts at different stages of the book: Beginning: I wasn't impressed.

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The three girls are supposed to be interesting, but nothing they did, said or thought intrigued me. By page thirty, I, in all honesty, didn't understand exactly what the point was. It was apparent they'd all be joining the sorority recruitment at Latimer, even if not all of them were especially accepting of that fact.

So what?

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Why was I supposed to care what they did? Bearing this in mind, I read on expecting to find out the answer. There are two books in this series so far , so I assumed it was going somewhere, and getting there fast. I can't tell you where my opinion of this book changed, or how, or why. One moment, my mind was doing this: What do I put in my review? There isn't a problem per se--the writing is lovely, the characters are likable and by this time, I had a clear sense of who each one was and they were beginning to interest me , but this book is based more on a situation than a plot.

Which is fine when you've got compelling characters who lurch the reader forward, but while these characters were sweethearts, they weren't the prime examples of human interest pieces. It's all here, but it needs more synchronizing Or something to that effect. The next, my internal analysis shut the hell up and I fell into the rhythm of the story. My mind went something like Which means I read and didn't judge.

Which means I forgot to judge. Which means Kate Harmon did a bona fide job of making this reviewer forget about the problems she'd encountered thus far and focusing on the rest. My final verdict, without scrutinizing too much, is: The plot is predictable throughout and if you have a copy of this, the cover gives away a lot , but the "point" or, more aptly, the objective of this novel does come across and is an event unto itself. The writing is great through and through.

Characters--especially Jenna and Lora-Leigh--are relatable and for the most part real. We don't get to know all of the girls in nitty-gritty details because the main focus of the novel is the sorority recruitment, which is basically set up for the rest of the series, I'm guessing. But that's fine--you get to know enough for now.


Though I hope the next book dives deeper! Something Kate Harmon did particularly well was capture these characters' emotions and expose the genuine thrill and importance of sorority recruitment.

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  7. If nothing else, you do feel their emotions pulsing through you as they get ready to find out what sororities they're in and how much it matters to them. The suspense sparkles through. I do recommend this novel, which is not something I say lightly. I appreciated the positive light it put on sororities a lot--first book I've read to do so. It's special in its own merit, and for reason I have yet to pinpoint, it left a lasting impression on me. And hey, that's an antithesis to my original opening to this review!

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