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The point is not the measurement of your life's length, but that you gave all of it to that one person.

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I wanted to share something with you, pardon my intrusion. Just because someone doesn't love you exactly how you imagine they should, doesn't mean they haven't loved you with everything they have.

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Humans are capable of an extraordinary amount of love, to reserve that love for one person is a rather large gift, the box doesn't matter. The FunSubstance app is here!

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You know, the always there, no matter what — love you to the moon and back person. A moon and an arrow come together to form this one of a kind ring. Earn up to 32 pts.

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M you are the love of my life and i always want you to know that you are my universe it's self you spin round and round deep in my heart and soul i will and forever love you 1. It means I love you more than anything. A clumsy bogan phrase used by Facebook Mums and Daughters to express a quantum of love as a measurement of distance.

Has become considerably more popular in recent years source: Google Trends. Iloveyoutothemoonandback unknown. Libby is so iloveyoutothemoonandback. Jay-Z : Gril , I love you to the moon and back.