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Towards the last half, the story started to pick up the pace and I was much more attentive. I believe almost all the characters in this book were of color too. At least the main characters were. This was also a VERY religious heavy book!

The characters deeply deeply believe in their God. Another odd thing about this book is that Elisa is not your typical princess female badass. I laughed at how many times it was mentioned just in the first fourth of the book. Lastly, the romance in this book.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I had my heart wrenched out twice at least because of the romance this story. There's a lot of characters in this series and I was one of the people who grew very attached to all the good ones. The cast is really diverse in ways most books aren't and you can easily see that as you read through this book. I wonder if even more characters will join in the sequels!

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

I'd be excited for that. I loved how none of the changes in her character happened overnight. She had time to find who she was and what she wanted to be in this world. Cosme, though she made me so angry in the beginning, is now one of my favorite characters. King Alejandro is a weird personality to me.

Sometimes I did NOT understand his actions. Humberto is my little baby. I love him. Same thing with Lord Hector. A close second would be Father Alentin. Not sure when I'll pick up the rest of the series, but I know I will! September 11, Spin the Dawn.

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The Sun is also a Star. September 10, Kingdom of Ash. I loved them in all of their imperfections and complexity. On that note, I should also say how much I appreciated the surprisingly brutal developments in terms of the plot. Carson subscribes to the George R.

The Girl of Fire and Thorns | Awards & Grants

Martin school of fantasy characters — meaning that there are many of them, and no one is safe. I love this kind of sadistic fatalism, especially in a YA novel — but be warned if you like a fantasy where the good guys always emerge victorious, saved at the last minute from harm or death. The Girl of Fire and Thorns may not be for you, if you are that reader. My only reservation regarding The Girl of Fire and Thorns is with how closely the central theology to the world and novel — integral to the plot and to the shaping of Elisa as a character — sits to Judeo-Christianity.

Unlike Jacqueline Carey, for example, who takes familiar foundational religions and histories and crafts entirely new cultures and creation myths from that seed, The Girl of Fire and Thorn is less varied and more of a direct translation of biblical values and teachings. The fictional religion in the novel is monotheistic and follows very similar central tenets to Christianity — often passages that Elisa or others quote even bear very close resemblance to familiar biblical passages e. Questions of religion aside, overall, I loved this fantastic debut novel. The Girl of Fire and Thorns does, in fact, live up to its preceding hype.

While this is the first book in a planned trilogy, it also can be read as a self contained book, and breaks in a sane place i. I cannot wait for the next book in this promising new trilogy. Additional Thoughts: On the covers, because this bears some mention and discussion: Elisa is not a thin girl. In fact, she is quite overweight, describing herself as such throughout the book. Even when she involuntarily loses weight during her abduction and sojourn in the desert, Elisa is never ever portrayed as a dainty girl.

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So this ARC cover:. The good news is, the publisher caught it and changed the cover to its current final state which features a face in the shimmering of a godstone , and the UK cover gets skin tone down perfectly. Have you noticed any of this in your reading? Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers.

By day, she does digital operations things over at Penguin Random House. Here is the cover:. This heroine is supposed to be plump. I agree that this can be a very fun aspect of some fantasy novels, if done well. Martin definitely does it well! But yes, the only way for me to tell of course is to read the book. Then again, given the misgivings I felt upon reading that issue, not sure I want to invest the time or not.

Guess time will tell. How often do we hear about an overweight hero?

YA Trilogy Thrills: Girl of Fire and Thorns

Thea, Stacked had a fun blog post in about cover images that deliberately avoid showing overweight characters. I feel like there are a few middle-grade examples, too…darn, Betsy Bird would have them at her fingertips. This sounds great, and it is going straight to the wish list! Great review. Regarding covers…well, this happens all the time with the romance genre…. I was expecting the religious themes to bother me as well, but I thought that Carson did a really good job with them. She compares herself to a sausage? I do that too!

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Although I use the Filipino version, longganisa. I should have paid attention to that darn warning. I have been seeing reviews of this around and I am really interested. I am going to have to get a copy. Thanks for another tempting review!

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Just personal preference, I suppose! It brings a whole new perspective to the table. Lori — A very fair point! Really great books! Elizabeth — Holy moly. Kristen — I actually was thinking of you when I finished this book!

MarieC — Does it? I had no clue! Alex — Very true! The way religion is handled in the book is, I think, well done and not heavy handed or preachy at all. I cannot wait for the next book — although I am scared for some of my favorite characters. Those deaths completely took me by surprise! Chachic — Yes she certainly does!

Girl of Fire and Thorns Series Review! (Non-Spoiler)

When she tries to fit into her hastily constructed wedding dress, she describes herself as a sausage in a white casing.