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During the war he was in the Civil Service and then the Army.

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In he went back to writing stories for publication in the USA and decided to try a modified form of science fiction, a form he called 'logical fantasy'. John Wyndham died in March That means your payment information is always protected, and never gets seen by anyone. Return any item within 30 days of delivery.

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Stowaway to Mars

This mature work often leads one to oerlook that Wyndham began writing science fiction as early as , publishing his first story in Hugo Gernsback's Wonder Stories. The time is Dale Curtance is a wealthy record-holding pilot and daredevil who is secretly building a rocket that would take him to Mars. An international prize of a million dollars has been offered to the first man to make an interplanetary journey and that is Dale's excuse to make the attempt.

When a saboteur breaks into Dale's factory, kills a guard, and attempts to kill Dale, the secret is out. Now that the public knows about the project, Dale ramps up work.

Other interests are also working on space ships but Dale is convinced that he is ahead of all others. With a crew of four a navigator, an engineer, a journalist, and a doctor , Dale's ship the Gloria Mundi takes off in a televised spectacle for the six-week journey to Mars. Course corrections are made and -- foreshadowing Tom Godwin's classic story "The Cold Equations" -- concern is raised whether the extra weight could cost them the fuel needed to complete the round trip.

This extra weight, of course, is the stowaway of the title, an attractive girl who would only give her name as Joan. Her reasons for stowing away are unknown, but she seems to know a great deal of science and is able to help out during the voyage. She is grudgingly accepted by Dale who is afraid of what the presence of a pretty girl could do to his crew over a long voyage. She is far less grudgingly accepted by three of the crew members, who welcome her and her assistance.

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Only one man, the dour Scottish engineer shades of Star Trek! Joan, it turns out is the daughter of a disgraced scientist and is trying to redeem her family name. Her father accidently stumbled upon a robot, a metal thing strangely shaped with tentacled appendages. He took the him home to study and found it spoke a weirdly unpronouncable language but he and Joan learned to communciate by learning its written language. When it came time for Joan's father to announce his discovery to the world, the robot self-destructed, melting into an unidentifiablee mass of metal -- leaving Joan's father no proof of its existence.

Ridiculed and no longer accepted by the scientific community, he was forced to move and settle in anominity. Mars, it turned out, was a dying world. Its "canals" were artificial waterways built centuries ago to hold brackish water.