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These are:. Over the past several decades there has been an explosion in realized and potential applications of the novel properties of light propagation in complex structures. These advances have been catalyzed by huge advances in material fabrication at the micro and nanoscale, in scientific computation from hardware to algorithms , and a deepening understanding of the "multi-physics" of such systems.

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The growing importance of the field of "Optics and Photonics" is highlighted in the recent National Research Council report on Optics and Photonics: Essential Technologies for our Nation. The IMA program on Mathematics and Optics will engage the mathematics community in the full range of questions that arise in the study of optical phenomena, including a fundamental understanding of the governing equations, e. The goal is to launch a thriving community of interdisciplinary researchers working on deep mathematical issues arising in the field of optics.

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These are: Optical metamaterials and nanostructures Photonic bandgap structures Optimal design and control of optical devices Nonlinear phenomena in optics and electromagnetics. Organizing Committee:. Emerging Topics in Optics.

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Novel Optical Materials. For a thorough education one needs to attend courses or read books at least on numerical analysis which usually covers some numerical linear algebra, too , optimization, and numerical methods for partial differential equations. Unfortunately, there appear to be few good courses and books on higher-dimensional numerical data analysis.

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The edges of the diagram represent activities of two-way communication flow of relevant information between the nodes and the corresponding sources of information. Lao Tse: ''People often fail on the verge of success; take care at the end as at the beginning, so that you may avoid failure.

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Einstein: ''A good theory'' or model ''should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. The conflicts described are creative and constructive, if one does not give in too easily.

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As a good material can handle more physical stress, so a good scientist can handle more stress created by conflict. This generalizes to other situations where one has to face difficulties, too. Among other qualities it has, university education is not least a long term stress test - if you got your degree, this is a proof that you could overcome significant barriers. The job market pays for the ability to persist.