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This particular screenshot only has one connected bot.

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Like anything flooding port , this is an Xbox booter application, designed to boot users off to generate an unfair advantage. This particular screenshot shows no connected bots. This one was announced on a forum and appears to be written in.

The default operation appears targeted towards Xbox flooding. We can also see some of the typical anti-detection mechanisms at play in the builder screen.

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Another tool aimed at Xbox booting, at least in this screenshot. Net-Weave is one of the many bots that appeared in our malware collection in mid NET and features the typical array of malware functionality including download and execute, USB spreading capabilities, TCP connection exhaustion flood, UDP flood, and a crude port 80 flood instantiated with a. NET Socket call.

The source code for a version of this leaked some time back. It appears to offer only download and execute and UDP flooding attacks. HypoCrite is a Visual Basic host booter apparently on version 4 and offers the ability to steal MSN passwords in addition to providing basic flooding capabilities. This booter features several flooding attacks including the popular Slowloris attack style. It appears that the author of this DDoS tool is also involved in defacing websites. Little additional information was found about this particular tool.

While these have been well documented in the past, shell booters typically leverage a number of compromised web applications where an attacker has typically installed a PHP webshell. Sometimes, these webshells may exist on high bandwidth networks, which can amplify the force of the attack significantly. Private webshells are worth more, and lists of webshells can be purchased. There are other shells specifically created for ddos, such as ddos.

A webshell can of course be named anything, but these names are common.

This screenshot shows shells online. Might have slowloris and http tonight, but I'll be releasing without. In this screenshot, the attacker appears to have three bots online but has filtered the list to show only bots from Beijing, China.

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A great deal of code sharing takes place among the Chinese DDoS bot families that we have analyzed. DarkComet is freeware and easily available to anyone. While it features a variety of flooding types, these are an afterthought compared to its main Remote Access Trojan functions which are significant. The binaries for this threat are often called Fynloski. MP-DDoser is a relatively new threat, coming to our attention in December Marketing materials and the GUI for this bot claim that it supports a slowloris style attack. Darkshell is popular among the Chinese DDoS bot families and features a variety of attack types.

This is the warbot web based control panel. Commands are ddos.

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Janidos appears to be of Turkish origin. This is an inexpensive bot that showed up late in It was interesting to see InfinityBot downloaded and executed from one Aldi Bot node that I was analyzing. Some forums suggest that Aldi Bot is not very good quality. Infinity Bot was seen being downloaded in the wild by an Aldi Bot instance in September A demonstration video posted October 4 on YouTube shows Infinity-Bot being used to DDoS the Pentagon website and shows approximately 15, bots on the botnet with the highest concentration of bots being in Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

The n0pe bot is written in.

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Here is a screenshot of the control panel that demonstrates its attack types. N0pe appears to be Russian in origin. This is a banner used to advertise the Russian Darkness bot. Darkness connects to a back-end called Optima. Darkness appears to be popular and used in commercial DDoS services. Darkness X is the 10 th version 10a being the latest of the Darkness bot. The following advertising graphic was used in various forums. Darkness X includes newly developed plugin architecture. Dedal has been mentioned in Russian underground forums describing commercial DDoS services.

Russkill is another Russian bot that has undergone some evolution and is commonly mentioned in commercial botnet service advertisements. Medium for OpenShift users in Switzerland to exchange information and being notified about updates.

Primarily a sales or business audience. We need to route all lead management related communication to this mailing list which will be managed by SSI people. Email alias for people to reach out to if they are experiencing issues registering for a RHUG event i. This Email address will be included and it will allow allow Software Vendors to reach out to us. There are multiple recipients and it is important to have a mailing list to send out an email to all at once.

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