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No cover image. Read FREE! Excerpt In writing this work my aim has been to give the exact facts as far as the available material allows. Read Overview. Darity Jr.

History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I Conditions in Settlement and Colonial Times

Myers Jr. Edward Elgar, Read preview Overview. Denison Brookings Institutuion, The Future of Children, Vol. Who Will Win Supply or Demand? By Bauch, Carla M.

Bolivia The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Incorporation of the American Fur Company. Expedition to Astoria, Oregon.

Accusations of Treason During the War of Astor Brazenly Violates the Law. His Armed Agents in the West. Swindling the Indians with Whiskey. The Traders Rig the Scales. Indians Revolt Against These Injustices. Indians Murdered by US Military. Astor Above the Law. Astor and the China Trade. His Ships Unmolested During the War of Fraud Permeating All Sectors of Business. Astor Purchases the Morris Estate. The Plunder of the New York Treasury. The City Gives Away Land. Astor Preys On Others Misfortune. Bankers — The Masters Of the Masters. Bribery and the Chemical Bank.

Corruption Blamed on Lobbyists. Wildcat Currency. Movement Betrayed By Its Leaders. The Panic of Astor Profits Handsomely During Panic of Astor Evades Property Assessments. Swaying Public Opinion. Property Qualifications For Suffrage Dissolve. Corrupting The Vote. Repeaters, Dilution, and Purchasing of Votes. The Lifestyle of his heir, William B. An Endless Chain of Corruption. Astor, Boss Tweed, and Tammany Hall.

History of the Great American Fortunes, Volume 3

Connections to Elihu Root. Humanity Of No Consequence. Tenement Houses Owned By Churches. William B. Centralizing Wealth Through Marriage. Astor Manipulates Property Assessments. They Build Opulent Mansions. Proximity Of Palaces To Poverty. The Goelet Fortune. Founders of The Chemical Bank. Masters of The Art Of Miserliness. The Rhinelander Fortune. Land Acquired Through Marriage.

The Schermerhorn Fortune. The Longworth Fortune In Cincinnati. The Longworths Go To Congress. Marriage Into The Roosevelt Family. Fields Early Dry Goods Business.

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Land For Practically Nothing. Land Values Steadily Increase. Fortunes Made During Panic Years. How He Paid His Workers.

Low Wages and Prostitution. Cutting Out the Middle Man. His Factories Spread Across the Globe. His Bond and Stock Holdings. The Director of Trusts. No Decrease of Rent and Utilities.

History of the Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers

Strike Declared in for Restoration of Wages. Mainstream Media Viciously Attacks the Strikers. Strike Leaders Imprisoned Without Trial. Field Cheats on His Property Taxes.

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His Millions Left to Two Boys. Continuing Domination of Government By Business. Land Speculators and Their Banking Adjuncts. Land Continually Secured By Bribery.

History Of The Great American Fortunes Part 2

They Fail To Complete Construction. Cash the Great Persuader of Government. Corruption Totally Out of Control in America.

The History of the Great American Fortunes – Gustavus Myers

The Supreme Court Legalizes Fraud. The American Aristocracy Emerges. Covert Manipulation of Government. The Railroads Reign From to The Terrible Conditions of the Masses. Going On Strike a Crime. First Labor Strike in America in The Magnificent Slum Populations. Agitation For the Ten Hour Workday in Militia Used To Break Strikes.