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Have a look at some of the most impressive DUO catches. This is a great combination coffee machine. My husband likes to makes pots of coffee and I like to make single coffees for making iced coffee. Now I am able to do that at the same time and we have no arguments over who gets to go first lol. The resovior holds an amazing 12 cups of water which is fantastic because my husband doesn't need 12 cups leaving me plenty of cups here and there through out the day without having to fill up the water tank again until that night for the next day.

I also like that you can use regular coffee grounds for the pot of coffee.

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This is a great function for the amount you brew for a pot and making it very cost effective. Plus you can have any coffee you like without being limited to just pods. Aesthetically it looks gorgeous on the counter and takes up less space than 2 machines together. This is truly an impressive machine. I had a get together over the weekend and everyone loved it. It was a hit! I have since replace my original Keurig from 6 years ago. I would definitely recommend this Duo to anyone!

This is an almost perfect coffee pot. As someone who drinks multiple cups in the morning with my husband, but wants just one cup in the afternoon, I love that this system has both a 12 cup carafe as well as an individual Keurig. That being said, one of the things I miss the most about my old coffee pot is that this one does not have a clock on it. The off and on switch is not obvious. You have to hold down the cups button for 5 seconds, for it to turn off.

This coffee pot is actually shorter than my old one, and not the spacehog I thought it would be considering it is a double system.

When pulling the drawer in and out, it tends to hang up and wrinkled up the round paper filter. It is not a totally smoothly opening drawer, that holds the filter and grounds. I like the taste of regular pot of coffee better than K-Cups. They have such a potent and strong flavor. But I am still shopping around to find K-Cups that I hopefully will like better. This is a good coffee maker. I have tried out a lot of coffee makers in the past few years and there are few that stand the test of time.

With this machine there are some definite pros to this machine. I do love the water tank on this thing. It is huge and it does take up a good amount of space, but it is totally worth not having to fill up the machine every single time I want have a cup of coffee. It is always ready to go and any given time of the day. It functions very simplistically.

The machine offers varies setting beginning with the first option to use the carafe or the k-cups option.

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Secondly, you choose the size of the amount of coffee that you would like to make. There are only a few options to choose from, but they are standard options, so they are fine and function fine. The only thing that I would recommend against is using the k-cups for any options over the standard 8 ounces cup of coffee.

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Anything beyond the 8 ounce option is very watered down and does not taste good. If you need to double up or want at larger coffee, I recommend using a second k-cup, I am not sure if they make double shot options for the k-cups. Also, I have another machine that collects the pods for their system, Keurig does not do that.

You will need to have a trash can near this machine as it does not collect the cups once you have completed your brewing options. I have had other duo machines from other brands give out after a year, hopefully this one last longer than the competition. I really hated giving this coffee maker a 2 star rating, but in all honesty, I was not crazy about it.

First off, it's a really big coffee maker. It does take up a lot of counter space. So, if you are limited on space like I am, this might be too much for you. Second, if you are making an 8oz cup of coffee with the pod section of the maker, the coffee fills your glass to the rim each and every time. This is a problem because the coffee does tend to spill over out of the cup when removing it from the machine.

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There is a nice spill tray for any coffee that spills from making coffee with the pods. It's easy to remove and clean. If you want to make only one cup of coffee whether it's the pod side or the carafe side, the water holder must always be at the fill line. I've had the good luck to review the Keurig K-Duo and the Keurig 2. Well, I must say that I have the same sentiments for the K-Duo as the 2. Make sure you run the Keurig with plain water a few times before you start brewing coffee. It'll take out the plastic taste in the coffee maker itself. Here are my pros and cons:.

Google Duo

I will stick to my mini 4-cup brewer. It makes the coffee quickly, the coffee tastes great, and I can control the strength without wasting. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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