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DarkMarket members were vetted to keep out wasters, rozzers and rip-off merchants, promoting honour among thieves.

DarkMarket - Misha Glenny

Its 2, customers were warned not to sell drugs, weapons or child porn on the site, lest they attract too much heat from the authorities. So long as it was only the "immoral" banks losing millions, the hackers reasoned, few would be bothered. But they were wrong. DarkMarket's security was jealously guarded by a handful of administrators respected in the hacking community for their skills.

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Unfortunately, one of the admins was also an FBI agent who masqueraded as a crook named Master Splynter. He followed the astonishing comings and goings at DarkMarket from the inside, hampered only by the near-impossibility of prosecuting the hackers.

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Chapter by chapter, Glenny relates in workmanlike prose how the police tracked the hackers to their lairs one by one. One worked out of an internet cafe in the shadow of Wembley. One ran his vast empire from a luxury villa in Turkey.

Another, who dubbed himself Devilman, turned out to be a pensioner with a hip replacement living in a two-up, two-down semi-D in Doncaster. Skimmers and phishers still perpetrate massive frauds every day, they've just got smarter, manipulated by the criminal syndicates who've moved into the lucrative trade. Think about that the next time you go to the hole in the wall for cash or before you click on a dodgy-looking email from your bank.

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Unlike many autobiographies of well-known people of a certain age, the front cover features DarkMarket was shut down in but don't think the problem has gone away. Book Reviews. Me and my da.

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