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Jimmy worked for 25 years at Read more. Jimmy worked for 25 years at Dow Chemical, where he spent time managing global supply for the ethylene and olefins and derivatives business, six years in global business planning, and the second half of his tenure in global hydrocarbons, energy commercial, supply chain and olefins and polyolefins business optimisation. In he joined Cargill, where he helped build and manage a hedging business in ethylene, propylene, polyethylene and polypropylene.

Jimmy has a BSc in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University and graduated summa cum laude. He is responsible for consulting on the C4 business, with emphasis on the global butadiene markets. He became a C4 business consultant for DeWitt in , a company that was acquired by Argus in She also oversees the global polymers report; contributes to other reports, including ethylene, propylene, and olefins reports; and assists with polymer balances for ethylene and propylene annuals.

She also worked in journalism, writing for newspapers in Texas and Arkansas. She also has experience covering oilfield services and SEC regulation. Amy graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. Michael Camarda is the market reporter for olefins at Argus. He writes daily reports on pricing and production issues and helps cover Canadian propane and butane. Petersburg in Russia, where he also earned his MA in Russian energy policy. During his time with Argus, he has worked on a number of consultancy projects covering the structure of the European olefins markets, investment opportunities in the Middle East and the outlook for ethane imports to Europe.

Joe graduated with honors with a de Joe graduated with honors with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and has a PhD in optical engineering from the University of Glasgow. For 17 years prior to Argus DeWitt, Sarah held senior strategic purchasing management positions at Ineos, Tessenderlo Chemie and Rhodia, responsible for a wide range of materials including olefins, fertilizers and commodity raw materials. Before this, Sarah held various management and project roles covering most aspects of the chemical business including business management, sales, planning and logistics.

He is responsible for the editorial team in London and writes the European section of the Argus Propylene and Derivatives report. Prior to this, Alex spent seven years writing about the business of analytical chemistry and life science instrumentation before joining Argus. When he started at Argus, he wrote for and edited the Argus European Electricity report for six years, leading an expansion into the developing central and east European markets.

Alex graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in physics.

Petroleum fractionation

Will joined Argus in after working in a series of sales roles, including selling into the petrochemicals industry. Will graduated with a degree in Psychology from Northampton University. Jonathan Aw is a Petrochemical Consultant, based in Singapore. He develops the Asian content for the petrochemical monthly outlooks and global annuals, specifically related to the olefins markets.

He also focuses on bespoke consulting projects covering the energy and resources markets of Asia. During his career, Jonathan has consulted on refined products, petrochemicals, bioenergy, and fertilizers, covering assignments dealing with price forecasting, feasibility studies, market dynamics analysis, economic modeling, technology assessment, and competitive analysis.

Jonathan graduated from the National University of Singapore with a d Jonathan graduated from the National University of Singapore with a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Economics. She covers the olefins, polymers, and methanol markets in Asia. Mahua has more than 18 years of experience as a journalist and editor with various publications in Singapore and India.

She has over ten years of real-time market editor work, familiar with chemical market dynamics particularly on China market and has wide industrial networks.

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She has also spent two years particularly in consulting service as a project manager focusing on China market and led projects in various industries, including refinery, olefins, polymers, coal and methanol. Becky is also a regular presenter at olefins and methanol conferences and forums.

Becky is a chemical engineering graduate from East China University Cora Wang is an editor for Polymers and Biofuels, based in Shanghai. She covers the Chinese olefins, polymers, and biofuels markets and assists with single-client studies related to those fields.

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Before joining Argus, Cora was in charge of the polypropylene market at Lotte Chemical. Learn more about Argus Consulting Services Argus Consulting Services builds on our key strengths — commodity markets expertise, international networks and trusted data — to help our clients better realise opportunities. Learn more about what our global team can do to offer you the highest-quality analysis for whatever your business needs. DEA1 en. Mid-range vinylidene content polyisobutylene polymer product and process for producing the same.

Production of homo- or co-polymers of isobutene involves continuous cationic polymerisation in special tubular flow reactor with several bends in alternating directions. Low sediment process for thermally reacting highly reactive polymers and enophiles. USA1 en. Preparation of reactive, essentially halogen-free polyisobutenes from c4-hydrocarbon mixtures which are low in isobutene. Method for preparing high-reactive polyisobutene using high concentrated isobutene. KRA en. SGSA en. Stable mixed oxide catalysts for direct conversion of ethanol to isobutene and process for making.

Apparatus and method for recirculation of raw material used during the polyisobutylene preparation process. Apparatus and method for removing halogen generated during the polyisobutylene preparation process. WOA1 en.

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Method for controlling the feed composition to a process for polymerizing isobutylene. Polybutene having an apparatus and method for the preparation of various molecular weights. EPA1 en.

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HUTA en. DET2 en. DET1 en. JPHA en. HUD0 en. AUB2 en. Polyalphaolefin composition and method for producing polyalphaolefin composition. CAC en.

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  • Polymerization of higher aldehydes. Crystalline isotactic polyaldehydes: anionic and cationic polymerization. Process and plant for the conversion of olefinic C4 cuts to polyisobutene and to propylene. Otsu et al. Process for the production of extensively amorphous butenepropene-ethene terpolymers having a high softening point. Terminally-substituted polymeric compositions from cationically polymerizable monomers and initiators. Amorphous olefin polymers, copolymers, methods of preparation and derivatives thereof.

    Direct synthesis by living cationic polymerization of nitrogen-containing polymers.