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Andrew Dell'Antonio

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2017/01/22: Pt 2/3: Freedom Of Speech/Political Correctness: Dr. Jordan B Peterson

Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Beyond Structural Listening? Postmodern Modes of Hearing. Put A Number On It! Four drawings from early Autumn. Logic Matters. Donald Monk has made his admirable Mathematical Logic Springer, freely available for download, which could well b Conscious Entities. Partial Evaluations 2 - Carmen Constantin from the ACT Adjoint School talks about "partial evaluations", weakly cartesian monads, and the bar construction.

Herts Moth Blog. I was greeted at 7pm, and shown around Carmela Biscuit. Button Up Dress - Finally, today I found the time to take pictures of a linen dress I made about a month ago. This is probably the most creative I've gotten with sewing so Adrian Yekkes. You can find just about everything here but the traditional specialisms have been copper and brass Come - Inspired by Swann's Way: Come like the first rain drenching a parched land like seedlings breaking the surface and reaching light like a nocturnal bird's ca Balancing Act.

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Can God be reformed? Musings on a Faithful and Responsible Practical Theology

The mysterious island - Deep within these grooves of Academe,In quiet cubicles, white and bare,Hunched homunculi strain and labor Like monks of old in cloistered cells Balancing a Joyous and Swift. Whenever any topic of conversation turns to anything remotely related to the Spanish language or Spanish c GreenUP Cam. On a holiday you have more time to watch and wonder. Our summer w Do Something!? Forest planet - Millions of trees, billions of trees, trillions of trees to be planted. This is what recent headlines ask of governments. After nuke plants built to repl Dawn Art.

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Ideological Ascent and Asymmetry - There's a certain dialectical move I sometimes see, wherein you criticize someone's political conduct as unreasonable on grounds that abstract away from th Balise's Blog.

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      Omdat ik twijfel, omdat ik te lang wacht. Omdat ik alles volgens de regel In a luminous chapter of his book Raisons communes, the sociologist, philosopher and theologian Fernand Dumont puts it in secular terms: as transcendent beings entangled in a historical process of humanization, we are judged by our deepest values long before we reflect upon them Dumont , If this is so, the theological endeavor is concerned about human experiences, practices and situations insofar as they are epiphanic, that is, impacted by or craving for God s grace. This grace cannot be objectified as such, nor can it be put at a distance in order to be simply examined objective- Rather, these experiences, practices, or situations can be discerned critically, reflected upon, meditated from within.

      In this sense, to use biblical symbolism, theology is first and foremost a matter of listening to what manifests itself as the living God Shema Israel. Reflection appears here as an inner dimension of that listening attitude and not as some afterthought detached from the demands of listening.

      Moreover, I believe there is no decisive reason to restrict the field of these experiences or practices, or situations , and thus the scope of practical theology, to what Westerners call religion or even spirituality. In this 21 st century more than ever, the most crucial challenges facing humanity, both individually and collectively, transcend the distinctions between religion and secularity, spirit and matter, sacredness and profanity, public and private, and the like. For instance, how can we collectively care for a world which we contribute to desacralize and dismantle everyday, by our very way of living?

      How can we favour and nurture specific cultural identities in a globalizing world?

      On what ground religion, reason, wisdom? By which enchantment can we hope to neutralize the demonic dynamics of war? Epiphanic phenomena are not simply there to be heard and felt, but they inherently call for a practical response. How to respond to the innermost challenges of our lives, personally and collectively, is the crucial theological problem. In this sense, theology is practical through and through. Many theological sub-disciplines deal essentially with the past what our predecessors considered divine revelation and how they responded to that and operate as post-mortem analyses.

      But practical theology deals with the living: our hopes, our fears, our struggles and the practices we devise to become better humans. God is not the God of the dead but of the living Mt Practical theology is practical not only because it is concerned with practices but, more fundamentally, because faith is structured as a dialectic of listening-responding or, in this sense, theory and practice. In biblical terms, again: Jesus praises the person who hears my words and puts them into practice Lk Faith entails practical requirements.

      Likely, the listeners answer to Peter s preaching at Pentecost is practical: When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, Brothers, what shall we do? Acts Consequently, practical theological methodologies cannot remain at the threshold of concrete action and should comprise a theological proposal Mager b , such as the 5 th phase precisely called the response in Thomas Groome s methodology Groome ; Stoddart , or the 3 rd phase of the classical see-judge-act sequence underlying many forms of theological reflection.

      Can God be reformed? For many believers, this question has a blasphemous twist: Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

      Beyond Structural Listening?: Postmodern Modes of Hearing by Andrew Dell'Antonio

      Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb 8. But God does not seem to be such as to be confined within religious institutions, even the most revered ones the Ark, the Temple, the Bible, the Magisterium. A long theological tradition has taught us to deny whatever we profess about God, in the very moment we profess it; other religious or philosophical schools raise similar requirements. A specific theological impulse encourages theologians, as all believers, to seek God beyond the boundaries of church experiences and structures.

      We may then realize that reforming God becomes a matter of re-forming our world and ourselves in response to what we perceive and understand as God s presence, or God s word, action, spirit, love.