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New Releases. Between Panic and Desire. Description "Insouciant" and "irreverent" are the sort of words that come up in reviews of Dinty W. Moore's books-and, invariably, "hilarious. A book that could be named after one of its chapters, "A Post-Nixon, Post-panic, Post-modern, Post-mortem," this collection is an unconventional memoir of one man and his culture, which also happens to be our own.

Blending narrative and quizzes, memory and numerology, and imagined interviews and conversations with dead presidents on TV, the book dizzily documents the disorienting experience of growing up in a postmodern world. Here we see how the major events in the author's early life-the Kennedy assassination, Nixon's resignation, watching Father Knows Best, and dropping acid atop the World Trade Center, to name a few-shaped the way he sees events both global and personal today.

More to the point, we see how these events shaped, and possibly even distorted, today's world for all of us who spent our formative years in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. A curious meditation on family and bereavement, longing and fear, self-loathing and desire, Between Panic and Desire unfolds in kaleidoscopic forms-a coroner's report, a TV movie script, a Zen koan-aptly reflecting the emergence of a fractured virtual America.

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Panic 1. Son of Mr. Double Vision 4. Son of Richard M.

Nixon 5. Three Bad Trips, 6. Questions and Activities before Continuing Part Two. Paranoia 7. Introduction: Imagine That 8. Baseball, Hot Dogs, Mescaline, and Chevrolet 9. Number Nine Questions and Activities before Continuing Part Three. Desire Introduction: Why Oprah Doesn't Call Son of George McManus Three Milestones Leonard Koan Son of a Bush Three Days in September Review quote "Between Panic and Desire turns the memoir genre on its head as it deftly moves from essay to essay.

It is an unconventional-some might say, experimental-collection of frolicsome and touching personal essays. It is the ideal display for Dinty's imagination. He daydreams. Peace marches. Later, the AIDs epidemic.

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Identification as a visual artist. A long period of yearning for a country life.

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  5. Moore had other concerns. I still do not consider that our failure to develop a strategic response to terrorism might have been a serious oversight. I wanted then to address the cause: ongoing imperialism. The corroding root.

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    When Dinty W. Moore lost his father, I was worrying about the world population explosion. By junior high school, my best friend was African American.

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    Perhaps this is because I lived on the other side of the continent. I still do. He and Bret sat on a wide porch smoking cigars in the dark.

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    Perhaps only Brett smoked—I could be wrong about that. Dinty will not remember me. I was the one typing on my laptop about twenty feet away, the Mac logo glowing. While I was in Georgia that week, my mother drove the few blocks to her local Post Office and found she could not get out of the car. She drove home, crawled into her house, and called for help. My husband called me in Georgia on a landline and had to leave a message. I borrowed a phone to call him back. I wanted to fly home immediately, but this was the start of Memorial Day weekend and there were no flights available.

    The workshop organizers made no effort to help.

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    Still, I got home on Monday, in time to sit in the waiting room while Mom had back surgery. Her surgeon promised immediate improvement. There was none. There was research suggesting that even then, but no one considered it for my mother. She was eventually placed on a deadly combination of opioids and benzodiazepines, failed to drink enough water, and was mostly housebound or hospitalized for the remaining five years of her life.

    Many, many trips to the ER. Broken bones. Slow healing. There is probably a way to make this a funny story, but I do not have the gift Moore does. There is no self-pity but considerable humor concerning his diplopia. He nails the short form. Well, what would I expect?