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Tess could not forgive Claire and, thus, ruined her senior year. This part of the book was extremely interesting, especially seeing these events unfold, in retrospect, through Abby's eyes. She finally was able to understand that her sister was very unhappy, and possibly depressed. Of course, this was not how everyone else saw Tess! I found out, after reading the book, that Abby's parents had actually been teenagers in another of Elizabeth Scott's novels, Bloom. While Between Here and Forever is a stand-alone book, if readers want some background information, they might want to read Bloom first.

This novel is a sensitive, flowing read. I recommend it for high school and public libraries! I felt that way because Abby has made her life revolve around Tess before and after her sister went into a coma. Everything Abby does is to help Tess, which includes talking to the good-looking Eli more on this hunk later! I could tell at some point Abby's situation and life was about to get screwy, because she was missing key information I guessed one plot point, which surprised because normally I'm a horrible guesser at such things. I'll admit how Abby thought of herself was annoying at times.

She never thought she was good enough and she thought she was overshadowed by Tess. I don't personally understand the idea of having an older sibling who you feel you can't compare to I'm the oldest , but I know this is the case for many younger siblings. Now can I talk a bit about Eli?!

Elizabeth Scott made the perfect swoon-worthy boy for Between Here and Forever Not only is Eli gorgeous, but he's also sweet and kind to everyone. He's has every nurse at the hospital gawking at him, young and old. Elizabeth's Scott writing style is just as her other books and I still love it. I've read other reviews of readers saying they like her writing style, but was annoyed by Abby and her lack of self-confidence, among other things. If you are going to pick up any Elizabeth Scott novel, I would suggest starting with Stealing Heaven Between Here And Forever is a book that I really enjoyed reading.

The minute that I began reading this novel, I became highly engrossed in it and did not want to put it down. It wasn't quite exactly the story I was expecting it to turn out to be, but it was also a very welcomed and nice surprise that was able to lend a little more substance to the novel. In many ways, I feel like there are two stories being told her, and a message that I feel many young adults and people in general need to be reminded of, as well. Here's what I mean, story 1 is Abby, story 2 is discovering Tess, and the end result is learning that you are beautiful just as you are while confronting your fears and working through them, without resigning yourself to living in someone else's shadow because you feel as if you'll never been good enough.

Sometimes I've often wondered, just how good is good enough? The author did a very good job of painting such a painfully insecure but very relatable protagonist, Abby, who feels like she has constanstly had to live within her sister's shadow for most of her life. So, she decides that she has to do something that will cause Tess to wake up, so that she won't have to continue existing in that shadow, but her plan yeilds a much different outcome than she had expected. Who says different can't be a good thing? Enter Eli, who comes along with his own set of issues and complications, too. He's able to show Abby that she's beautiful just as she is, without having to aspire to be like anyone else.

She's the one that he notices the whole entire time that they spend visiting Tess, putting Abby's plan into motion. She's the one that he wants, while she tries to convince herself that he's for Tess. She's doing this for Tess. It's all for Tess. Abby is afraid and feels invisible a good portion of the time, when compared to Tess.

Yet, Tess's own life possesses secrets and entanglements that even Abby had no idea existed, until she started uncovering them, becoming best friend's with her sister's ex-best friend Claire, amongst other things. There are awful truths, hardships to face, challenges in life ahead of Abby, and a life that no one ever least of all Tess ever expected for herself. What Elizabeth Scott does with this novel, is make you feel something, whether you're frustrated with Abby for feeling sorry for herself, whether your saddened at the predicament that Tess winds up in, or your cheering the romance between Abby and Eli - this novel is going to be something that makes you feel.

Elizabeth Scott's unique writing style, coupled with a novel chalked full of wonderful center piece characters and secondary character's to support them, is very well worth the read for any contemporary young adult fiction fan or anyone in general. Her stories are genuinely relatable and her character's possess certain qualities, that make them very likable in many ways.

I was quite please with this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone else who not only enjoys contemporary young adult fiction, but also enjoys the likes of other fellow authors such as Sarah Dessen, Ann Brashares, Deb Caletti, etc. Here at Walmart.

Between Here and Forever

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See our disclaimer. From the bestselling author of "Bloom" and "Perfect You" comes a romantic but dark coming-of-age story--a moving portrait of love, loss, and identity. A heartbreaking and romantic coming-of-age novel from the author of Perfect You and Living Dead Girl. I want her to wake up so I don't have to be tied to her forever. Until the accident. But then she learns a shocking secret about Tess.

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Abby knows she's nothing like her older sister Tess. Popular, beautiful, and outgoing, Tess was loved by everyone and the star of her family. And poor Abby was always left behind, nursing her bruised ego Abby has erected a wall around her that she's determined no one will ever break down again.

Elizabeth Scott -Between Here and Forever

Then the accident happens, and everything changes in an instant. Now Tess lies in a coma in the hospital, and Abby is desperate for her sister to wake up. Lost and confused, Abby misses her sister Day after day her sister sleeps while Abby sits at her bedside.

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It's at the hospital that Abby meets Eli, the most gorgeous boy she's ever seen Despite his intense good looks he's shockingly shy, and when Abby finds out why she realizes she's found a kindred spirit. Maybe, just maybe, Abby can let her guard down and trust this guy. And he just might be the one to help her see herself for who she really is. But in the midst of this budding new relationship, Abby learns a shocking truth about Tess.