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About the speaker. Latecomers will be admitted into the gallery. Book signing.

Cell and molecular Size Comparison 2018

Copies of Marty's books will be available for purchase and signing after the talk. Event type Ri events programme. Join the Ri Become an Ri Member. Become a member. Upcoming Events View all events. An introduction to quantum theory short course John Tyndall: Provocative Victorian Physicist Marty Jopson's invisible worlds 6. This event has already taken place. Discovering the wonders of science under the microscope Credit: Marty Jopson.

‘Invisible’ ink can be made visible, then invisible, and back again : Research Highlights

Type Talk. Marty Jopson. Event description. About the speaker. Latecomers will be admitted into the gallery. Book signing.

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Copies of Marty's books will be available for purchase and signing after the talk. Interactive Scientific is not the only company who hope that the current trend for VR in the gaming world can transform science education. The founder of chemistry set subscription service MEL Science , Vassili Philippov , tells Chemistry World the company has begun to offer VR-based resources this year, offering more than curriculum-aligned lessons for use by schools. Their technology is designed for platform Google Daydream and a version for the even cheaper Google Cardboard is in the works.

Like Glowacki, Philippov envisions VR playing an increasingly important role in classrooms in the future. But could VR take over the role of practical work entirely? In our science fiction feature Testing times , writer John Gilbey envisions a world where learning is entirely virtual. But Philippov is among those who feel this would cross a line. Computers are getting better at modelling chemistry.

The Art of the Invisible: Achievements, Social Benefits, and Challenges of Nanotechnology

But there are still many challenges to overcome. Strategy to help dendralenes, an important yet underexplored class of unsaturated hydrocarbons, branch out and reach their full potential. Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Registered charity number: Site powered by Webvision. Skip to main content Skip to navigation Create your free account Registration is free, quick and easy. Source: Shutterstock. No comments. Gaming-style tech is putting the fun into fundamental molecular simulations.

Emma Stoye Senior science correspondent, Chemistry World. Topics Analysis Arts Atoms and bonds Computational Culture and people Education Matter modelling molecular modelling Quantum and theoretical quantum mechanics virtual reality.